“2015 Blizzard of the Century” to Hit Eastern US

Have you seen the news all over the internet and tv? The 2015 Blizzard, the “Blizzard of the Century” is set to Hit Eastern US. Well, it’s not civil unrest due to outrage over police shootings, or a quarantine due to Ebola, the Measles or the Flu, but the results are the same if you live in the east coast – the worst blizzard in 10 years will have you trapped inside your homes for the better part of a week. Up to 58 million people will be affected, and thousands of flights (and even the NYC subway) will be cancelled and out of commission. But what will cause additional problems will be the intense winds, up to 70 mph, which can down power lines and not only leave you stranded, but without power. NYC has seen batteries sell at 500% over their normal amount of sales, and there’s even a shortage of toilet paper, according to CNN. We’ve talked about this a million times here at SGH, so by now you oughta know that you have got to be prepared at home!

What are the half dozen items you want on hand when you’re trapped inside for a week?:

  • Gas powered portable generator – for your fridge, stove, computer, heater
  • Mobile power unit for smart phone
  • Flashlight
  • Shovel
  • gun (yes you’d better have some training)
  • fire starter
  • water purifier

And don’t even think about going into your car without a multi tool, food, water, safety cutter, flares, phone and charger, flashlight and self-protection tools (that’s a huge category in and of itself, and you bet we will cover more!)

Will we follow up with you regarding this? You bet we will!


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