2015 Global Financial Market Crash?

Have you been reading the financial news and forecasts for the new year? It seems each time I browse the financial news, I am not just finding one person crying wolf – but a flurry of articles by the top publications all announcing the troubling signs ahead – could this all be leading to a 2015 Global Financial Market Crash?

Similar to the situation preceding World War II, when we see economies in turmoil we also see the rise of extreme separatist groups and a collision of idealogies, just like we are seeing now with Russia (an economy in grave danger of internal collapse) and Ukraine. And, Europe (observed by CNN Money) and South America are also showing signs of financial trouble ahead.

Not only do some claim it’s just the financial markets in trouble, but the entire way we have come to rely upon our Government. Here’s a great read from Money and Markets.

Not only that, but the Inquisitr recently ran this article regarding 2015 being a very nervous year for investors, even though that may seem as rattling news coming off the bull market we have recently been enjoying – in fact, the 3rd longest bull market since the other 2 which ended in 2000, and 1929. Ooops.

England’s the Telegraph also ran this excellent article – read all of these. Like the others, it recommends that investors take caution in mind – and adjust their portfolios accordingly. Will you?

Just like a hurricane – the best thing to do is not be in the direct path. Do you have your money in funds, bonds or stocks that seem headed for trouble? As a true survivor and warrior, we must prepare for any sort of upheaval – social, environmental, technological, governmental, and financial.


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