Acid Attacks on London Streets!

Acid attacks on the streets of London? And I thought the idea of getting a “Chelsea Smile” (A “smile” created by the slicing of a victim's face from one or both corners of the mouth to the ears using a sharp object) was bad – this kind of news is not only sickening, but seems to be gaining in popularity. The main question is – how can we possible prepare for this?

I recall an episode of the fantastic British series “Luther”, starring Idris Elba, in which a disturbed pair of urban assassins randomly attack people in the streets and in businesses using a choice of weapons, including a hammer, or an acid used to spray people’s faces. Can you even imagine something as horrible and having acid being thrown in your face when out of the house on a routine day?

And this method of hatred and disfigurement is not reserved to villages in middle eastern countries who punish women for what is perceived as a blasphemous or unholy act – as you’ll read in the article above, it’s happening randomly in our cities (the occurrences have doubled since 2012) - and the items used for these attacks are legal and routinely sold in supermarkets, household, and repair stores (hydrochloric acid, drain cleaners, etc.). The main question is, how can we prepare ourselves? Do we take to wearing a Hazmat suit wherever we go?

It would be silly for me to suggest that most extreme measure – but there are a few safeguards we can take – which are actually quite simple - and potentially disfigurement-saving. And, since these attacks are growing in frequency, now's the time to do what can protect ourselves.

The worst case scenario would to be blinded or disfigured – so obviously, we need something to carry with us at all times, that can fit in a pocket, purse, or even worn around your neck, that can act as a protective barrier to our face -to any lethal substance from getting into our eyes, nose, or mouth. Not only are glasses a good idea (I actually took to wearing a pair of plastic rimmed glasses in my martial arts class after getting “pink eye” 2 times  – and while they have been knocked across the room on occasion, they have saved me from numerous subsequent accidental and nasty eye pokes). That’s why we’re selling a selection of face coverings (from full face shields, to more portable models such as goggles, balaclavas, and nose/mouth covers) which will most assuredly deflect and protect your face. You definitely want to have one of these, along with large protective glasses/sunglasses, with you at ALL TIMES!