An Essential Multi-Tool for Everyone

Here is an essential multi-tool for everyone – regardless of where you live.

Like most everyone, I begin my day reading the news, local and on CNN. One of the first stories I see today is this one, concerning a bicyclist that while riding home, comes across a car that has flipped over, with a woman trapped inside.

The question is, how long would she have waited there with her life in danger, if this good samaritin had not arrived by accident, in a timely fashion to help her escape? And, with the danger of a flammable leak occurring, while she is trapped inside, her outcome would seem rather miraculous if nobody arrived quickly. And, imagine if she had a small child with her – without a way to free herself, she would be virtually powerless to secure the safety of her child.

Now this is a situation that all of us could find ourselves in – and especially during the winter months when there is water, ice (and the dreaded and invisible black ice) on the road which can cause us to lose control of our vehicle very easily. However, there is a tool which everyone should have in their car – and within reach when your safety belt is fastened – and that is a multi-tool that is designed to not only cut your seat belt off, but to also safely shatter your car window and escape when your door can’t be opened.

Here’s one that you have have delivered by Amazon. And, it’s only 5 bucks – about as much as that high falutin’ coffee drink that you often drink while driving. Only difference being, this will save your life!

Here’s two for $25, which claims to be the best.

Here’s one with the addition of a flashlight.

Here’s a slightly larger one, with a double-point glass breaking hammer .

Every car of yours should have one – don’t you think?

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