Barter Sites – A Great Way to Trade Survival Gear

Looking for a great way to shop and trade for survival and emergency gear – without leaving home? Well, you’re in luck due to a number of well-equipped barter sites that have been gaining in inventory volume and popularity.

Here’s a great article on Mashable about barter and online pawn sites – and it’s worth your while for investigation. We all still have fantasies of finding the symbolic undriven 1964 Ferrari left abandoned in a barn in perfect shape, yet we don’t want to deal with small time hustlers named “Lobo”, that greet us with “what can I do you for?” Nor do we want to pay in the ever-increasing costs of Ebay, or deal with Craigslist cuddle parties. Therefore, the more genre-specific websites (especially without Ebay fees), the better.

Also, it’s a good idea to download Bondsy app form iTunes and set up a community of an exclusive “Trusted Tribe” to barter with in case of a SHTF situation. In other words, figure out who you can trust BEFORE desperate situations materialize.

Here’s a list that is worth your while to browse – you might even (in fave I’m sure you will) find a few items that you can use this coming weekend!

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