Bel Air Crest – a Community that is Ready!

Can you name a community whose residents have met monthly to prepare for a disaster? And on top of that, have amassed over $50,000 for supplies – including a 2,000 gallon water truck? Welcome to Bel Air Crest – a Community that is Ready! Ready for an earthquake, fire, or any sort of disaster.Check out the above-linked recent article in the Los Angeles Times.

Their reason is a good one – nestled in the Santa Monica Mountains between the Westside of Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley near the infamous Mulholland Drive – they know that they won’t be on the receiving end of the benefits of any initial government disaster relief – so they have in essence taken matters into their own hands. They basically have one way in and one way out – that being Sepulveda Blvd. – so the intelligent residents realized that there is strength in numbers – and banded together to create their own survival force – with block captains, medical specialists and maps of the entire community. Now this is what we’d call a pro-active and necessary approach for any secluded community (and of course every single household).

We at Survival Gearhead have given you many plans and options for the tools and knowledge to plan for your family’s success during a disaster – and the idea is that you use this knowledge to put it into action. Food and water, medical supplies, communication devices, power sources, self-defense resources – these are all aspects that we’ve covered. Not every community is as isolated or needs to be as unified as Bel Air Crest – but you certainly need to unified and prepared as a family – and ideally with some close neighbors as well.

Here is a handy website from Citizen Corps that shows how to set a step-by-step community plan in action – it’s a worthwhile read to see what you might want to get started doing.

Way to go, Bel Air Crest – you’ve set a standard for all of us. Now use their inspiration to get to work on your home and your community!


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