Botulism from a Church Potluck?

Botulism from a Church Potluck? Now that’s not a very neighborly way to treat your churchgoing friends – especially since this not-considered-fatal illness (from contaminated food) has sickened dozens and even has killed one in Ohio.

We’ve written numerous blogs on how to be in charge of your your life when a disaster, nationwide social upheaval, riot, Government curfew or disease outbreak takes place – however, as this latest piece of news shows, you can meet your maker simply by attending Sunday prayers and having a scoop of macaroni salad. Talk about the symbolic “acorn that knocked the train off its tracks” – imagine you are vigilant in every other aspect of your life, only to unknowingly eat someone’s spoiled food.


Now, we’re not advocating holing up in a concrete bunker and never eating food that you have not prepared yourself, or bringing a food taster along with you (although preparing your own food most of the time is indeed healthier that eating in restaurants, as you know exactly what you’re using) – but there are certain safeguards that will be wise to follow when eating out. Picnics and “pot lucks”, where people will bring prepared foods can often have been improperly made – and here are some of the usual suspects: home-canned foods with a low acid content, improperly canned commercial foods (green beans, corn, etc.), home-canned or fermented fish, herb-infused oils, baked potatoes in aluminum foil, cheese sauce, and bottled garlic. Less than 200 cases are reported a year in the USA, and you’d better ask questions before digging into that green bean salad.

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