Bug Out Bag Gear!

Recommended Bug Out Bag Gear! What is a “Bug Out Bag”? Basically a grab-n’-go version of your home survival supply cache, you had best prepare a few of these bags to keep in your cars or in a place where you can easily grab it and go (closets, garage, etc..). Some bags come fully stocked with tools, food supplies, water purifiers, thermal blankets and more, and of course you can customize one by yourself. We recommend both – that way, you’re going to get the best of both worlds – a basic pre-packed bag, and putting one together with all the particular items that you know you’ll personally need. You can even put a fine one together with a high-quality pack (the 5.11 Rush and Ultimate Arms are superb choices which come to mind) and numerous items from our blog on Recommended Basic Survival Gear. Either way, with the ease of buying a pre-packed bag, you have no excuse to not be prepared!

Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag: Your 72-Hour Disaster Survival Kit

Ultimate Bug Out Bag – Fully Stocked with Premium Backpack

Emergency Survival 72 Hour Bugout Bag Bug Out Bag

Echo-Sigma Get Home Bag Premium Emergency Kit

5.11 Rush 72 Back Pack

Ultimate Arms Gear Stealth Black Heavy Duty



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