California Fires and Mudslides

I'm sure you have all seen the depressing news of the recent fires and mudslides in California - which left numerous deaths and destruction of homes in the idyllic town of Montecito, just south of Santa Barbara. As if that single occurrence (an incredibly heavy amount of rain which fell in a very short period, onto a previously burned area just above the city) was not bad enough, the California Governor, Jerry Brown, claims that this event could very well happen on a regular basis in the future.

National news also reported on the story, and Newsweek has written: "Mudslides such as this one cause between 25 and 50 deaths per year in the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Most often people die from the fast-moving water and debris that can cause trauma, injuries from broken electrical, water, gas and sewage lines, and blocked roads that can put drivers in danger and keep people from accessing a hospital if injured."

Some factions claim global warming - others, on the opposite political side, claim otherwise - however, does it really matter if you live in an area with yearly expected fires (California in the late Fall), with heavy rains expected the following Winter? And the main issue is, how can you survive if you are there when this happens - and what items do you need for your survival?

Let's go over a list of the most essential items you'll need with you.

  • Smartphone + charger + cable - stay in contact with family, neighbors and authorities
  • Food + water - portable, must be easy to carry - retain your strength
  • Flashlights (and batteries) + flashing emergency lights - lets others find you
  • Multitool + seatbelt cutter/window breaker - in case you need to break a window to escape
  • Tarp, Jacket, Gloves - avoid cuts, keep dry and warm
  • Backpack - especially with solar charging function (can also store other items)

 What else do you think you'd need?