Civil Unrest in Ferguson

There’s no doubt that you’ve read about and seen stories regarding the police shooting in Missouri and subsequent Civil Unrest in Ferguson. No, these are not stories and films from the deep south in the 1950’s or ’60’s. It goes to show not only how high racial tensions have always been in literally any small town in the country, or globe – but also how one incident can cause a seemingly orderly society to spiral lawlessly out of control.

The incident that sparked everything was when Michael Brown, an unarmed black 18-year-old kid, was killed after being shot multiple times  on Aug. 9 in a confrontation with a white police officer named in Darren Wilson Ferguson, Mo., a St. Louis suburb.  According to the police, Brown was jaywalking when the Officer tried to exit his vehicle, and was pushed back inside by Brown, which caused a struggle over Wilson’s gun. A shot was fired inside the car. Wilson and Brown then exited the vehicle, and the fatal shooting occurred. Citizens dispute this, and are outraged that an unarmed man with his hands raised was shot 6 times.

Curfews have been instated, the Police and National Guard have been mobilized and injuries and arrests have been taking place every day.

What would you do if a curfew was put into place in your town? Imagine if the whole city was put on a day and night “lockdown”? Do you have enough food and supplies at home for your family – even for a few days?




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