Climate Change and Future Pandemics

As Fall 2020 starts, the heat records continue, and we're still in a stranglehold by the Coronavirus Pandemic - and since we're the most advanced country technologically in world history, what exactly needs to be done to keep Climate Change and Future Pandemics from happening again? 

National Geographic Claims Climate Change Increases Fires 

2018 was the worst year in history for fires destruction on California - and 2020 is set to sadly take the record.  2019 saw 2.5 million acres burned in Alaska.

Here's what Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Eric Schmidt have to say

From a recent article on CNBC, some of the world's brightest minds indicated that the solution is the United States Government spending more money on science to put a halt to this sad reality.

"There have been almost 200,000 deaths in the United States due to the coronavirus pandemic. And now, wildfires raging across the Western seaboard have killed dozens, burned over 3.6 million acres of land and over 6,400 structures. Residents have been cooped up inside to avoid polluted air."

Lack of Science Funding by the US Government

And that's a big problem - as science funding by the US Government is the lowest that it's been since 1957 and unfortunately, it's the US Citizens are the ones who will suffer from this lack of investment into the health of our planet (and our individual health - which are not separate).  

On a global scale, The World Health Organization (WHO) has claimed that between 2030 and 2050, the resulting deaths due to climate change will be upwards of a quarter million per year, due to malaria, malnutrition and heat stress.

The BBC has written that the warmest 20 years in the history of planet Earth have been within the past 22 years - due to the fact of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, from the burning of fossil fuels. The results from this unaltered practice will be future shortages of fresh water, difficulties in producing food, and deaths from floods and heatwaves.

Remedies For Global Warming

Scientific American lists a number of suggestions for consumers to understand - using hybrid vehicles, buying used or "green" products - but the most compelling results would come from countries ceasing the burning of fossil fuels.

Fires, like the current Pandemic, have caused severe disruptions to our daily lives and routines (and that's if we're lucky!), where we have to make sure we have the supplies and equipment at home to take care of ourselves, our family, pets, friends and homes. Get the supplies you need to make sure these current situations don't permanently stop your life in its tracks.