Coronavirus (COVID-19) Lockdown and Food Supplies

Not in over 100 years has this country (and the world) seen a pandemic such as COVID-19, which is affecting all aspects of our daily lives. The impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Lockdown and Food Supplies has caused panic buying and food shortages all across the nation - how will it affect you and your family?

In mid-March, when the pandemic was first announced by the President, I went to a grocery store and was greeted to bare aisles - a shocking and panic-inducing sight. My first thought was, "Will this change tomorrow? Will I be able to buy food?". The next day I waited in long lines and got what I needed - but the initial shocking vision was very powerful and has stayed with me. I knew I needed to prepare so this would not impact my health and safety.

Will Food Supplies Run Out in the USA?

According to this story by CNN, the pandemic has increased the instability of food supplies globally:

"Supermarket shelves remain stocked for now," the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) said in a report released late last month. "But a protracted pandemic crisis could quickly put a strain on the food supply chains, a complex web of interactions involving farmers, agricultural inputs, processing plants, shipping, retailers and more."

Many people are wondering if the virus can be transmitted through takeout or delivery food from restaurants - here's what wfmynews2 has to say:

  "The CDC, FDA and USDA say it is “not aware of any reports at this time that suggest COVID-19 can be transmitted by food or food packaging.” As long as restaurants and businesses are following health policies, there should not be a problem ordering takeout."

Now, ordering from takeout restaurants can be fun occasionally, especially now - but restaurant takeout also gets very expensive, is not available in all areas (especially suburban or rural), and you don't want to leave your food needs up to them.

How Can We Best Be Prepared if This Gets Worse?

The best way to deal with the shortage - and to ease your mind of panic and stress in this situation, is to have a few months worth of basic foods at home. You can still go to the local grocery or utilize delivery services for your perishable items such as fruits, vegetables, meats and dairy, or do restaurant delivery occasionally for a nice treat, but having the staples at home sure makes a difference on your mind. If everyone did before the onset of COVID-19, this panic-buying would not have needed to happen in the first place.

What are the Best and Safest Foods to Buy for Emergencies?

At SurvivalGearhead, we have been carrying food supplies exactly made for this situation by Wise Food Storage, all made in the USA with premium ingredients. Meats, dried fruits, pasta, grains, fully prepared meals, as well as seeds to grow your own vegetables. And, it's all panic-free! Do yourself and your family a favor and eliminate the worry of food related supply supplies out of your mind - it's an insurance policy that your will actually use. And, an insurance policy that not only tastes good, but might save your life.