Ebola Lands in United States

Ebola Lands in United States! As we previously suspected, due to the ease of international travel , the long incubation period of Ebola symptoms (up to 6 weeks at least) and the the subsequent lack of knowledge of those who are infected, the CDC has confirmed that the U.S. has our first case of this deadly outbreak. Up to 4 relatives of the man have been quarantined inside their apartment in Dallas, Texas, and the infected man, a Liberian resident, may have contact with up to 100 people since he contracted the disease.

The patient went in for treatment at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital on Sept. 25, and even after informing a nurse that he had just visited West Africa, but was given antibiotics and sent back to the Dallas apartment where he was staying with family members. By Sunday, he needed an ambulance to return to the same hospital. So, with the United States medical system being another weak link in the chain due to this lapse in judgment from the hospital staff, it seems that only a miracle can keep this disease from spreading in this country. And, nonetheless, it is astounding that he was allowed to travel internationally with a West African country recently stamped on his passport.

Along those same lines, an American microbiologist and trauma physician, Dr. Gil Mobely, has recently stated that the CDC is either lying to the American public about this disease, or “they are grossly incompetent”. Dr. Mobely recently walked through Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson  international customs (in a full protective gear suit to emphasize his stance), and states that the only questions asked to arriving passengers was if they had “tobacco or alcohol” – with zero mention of where they had traveled. And, with over 10,000 people flying out of Western Africa each day, bound for international destinations, one can only imagine what the Ebola news will be like 6 months from now.

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