Ebola, MERS and HIV/Aids -What is being done about them?

We have looked at numerous types of threats here on Survival Gearhead – namely under the category of what insurance companies call “acts of God” – such as earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, fire, and we’ve also looked at emergencies due to political unrest. But there’s another category of emergency that in the international news almost daily – that of Disease Outbreaks. Now don’t think I’ve been sitting in comfort watching episodes of “True Blood” or “28 Days Later”, but these threats are most certainly as dangerous as any other type of emergency – especially when you also consider the idea of Bioterrorism being used against the population of the United States. And, even as frightening is someone from another continent bringing a disease to us by accident.

Have a look at the World Health Organization’s website, which tracks these outbreaks.

These facts are great reason to have a supply of essentials at home – in case we are ordered to “stay put” by the Government.

Here’s a rather in-depth article about emerging environmental threats. The article includes an update on Ebola, MERS, Plague, H7N9, HIV / Aids, Polio, Viral hepatitis, Measles, Meningitis and Cholera. Unfortunately, Ebola and MERS are not under control, and most of these other diseases still pose serious threats in developing countries around the world.

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