Ebola Outbreak Accelerates!

Ebola Outbreak Accelerates! According to the the World Health Organization, the outbreak has killed at least 1,552 people, while over 3,069 have been infected, with 40% occurring in the past three weeks. Bad news indeed.

Among those stricken, 120 health care workers have died, and twice that number have been infected. And, to make matters worse, and new outbreak has been discovered only last weekend in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Also, as of August 30, the country Senegal has its first case – a man who contracted the illness in Guinea’s capital Conakry, and then went to Senegal prior to Dakar closing its land border with Guinea. Of course, the larger question remains of how many others have traveled out of the quarantine areas?

Some important facts about Ebola are: The Ebola virus is named after the Ebola River in the Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire), where one of the first outbreaks occurred in 1976 – as well as another outbreak in Sudan.

It causes viral hemorrhagic fever, which according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC),  – a group of viruses that affect organs and are often accompanied by massive bleeding – and kills up to 90% of those who catch it.

Although quarantines have been set up in Liberia – events have taken place to undermine the containment of infected residents and put other communities at risk. Notably, the residents of Liberia see the government as corrupt, so any containment efforts are met with distrust, and at worst, with rebellion, as we have seen. A clinic was recently attacked by angry residents, who released infected patients and stole tainted bedding and supplies.


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