Ebola Update

With the sad news that Thomas Duncan, the first US-based Ebola patient, has died in a Texas hospital this week, the illness shows no immediate signs of slowing down, and many new fears in numerous countries have also emerged. The death toll has reached over 3,400, and the Liberian neighbors of Thomas Duncan, have been quarantined. In addition to the great loss of lives, it is also estimated that the monetary damages of the outbreak could exceed 32 billion dollars! UPDATE: before finish this article, I have just read that the death toll is now over 4,000.

There will also be 1,000 American military troops in place in Liberia as of this month, who are being sent to enforce quarantines and order – which is one reason among many that has led to the rapid spread of the sick into other neighboring nations, which in turn compounds the infected,  as those unknowingly infected have infected others, or resist the local governments quarantine laws.

Just imagine if someone in your town was diagnosed – what would be your first thoughts? Do my children go to school with theirs? Did this person get the disease from a neighbor who I was being in a super market? Did this person sweat on a gas pump handle who used that same pump before me? Does the guy who just sneezed behind me in the movie theatre have it?

In other words, it could but a deathly violent halt to many activities that we have to do out necessity. What if your local town was quarantined – do you have enough clean water and food to last a week?  Apparently, Mr. Duncan contracted the illness when coming to the aid of a pregnant woman who collapsed. Are you willing to aid that teenager who collapses in front of you when no parents are in sight?

Disease outbreaks, political unrest, riots, or natural disasters are going on somewhere in the world every day. Are we prepared when one will arrive uninvited to our town????


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