Elon Musk on Artificial Intelligence

If there's one current figurehead of modern technology, I think we could agree that it would be Elon Musk. He has amazed us with his insight, fearlessness and commitment, and his Tesla automobiles turn heads in amazement wherever they go.

However, Elon has made the news recently, not for his innovations on the current marketplace, but for his thoughts on the potentially dire consequences of artificial intelligence left unchecked. Watch this video and see if you agree. 

Musk claims that the artificial intelligence movement is so important, and the most innovative country will likely "rule the world" - just like the nation that ruled the seas, centuries ago.

Here's a tweet sent by Elon on the subject: 

"Nothing will affect the future of humanity more than digital super-intelligence. Watch Chris Paine’s new AI movie for free until Sunday night at".

One standout fact from this documentary is that we rely on artificial intelligence now in our daily lives more than we might realize. Using Google, for example - all we have to do is type in a common or uncommon question, and Google supplies us with an answer.  The internet supplies us with free information, however, what is being done with the information we supply to organizations on the internet? Can we trust them with our information? Can we trust machines with our lives? Can robots be programmed to make their "own" decisions? One expert even says regarding robots, that we can treat them like children or surrogates, but "we will pay the price".

Musk claims in this "must watch" fantastic documentary titled "Do You Trust This Computer?", that if left unchecked, artificial intelligence could very well start world war 3, and could possibly end humankind in the process. Musk's goal of his company, Neuralink, is to not let artificial intelligence be a threat or demon to humans. Robotic weapons that operate without human interaction are seen to be a huge threat - and this is what must be contained, rather than created and allowed to run rampant and therefore endanger all of humanity.