Heat Wave 2021 Essential items: Air Conditioners and Portable Generators

I'm sure you have read the news concerning the heat waves of early summer 2021, bringing tropical temperatures to the Pacific Northwest, as much as 40 degrees above the yearly average for those areas - sending thousands into emergency shelters. Not only are these temperatures uncomfortable, they are potentially deadly for the elderly and small children, as well as pets. These conditions have created a new list of Essential items: Air Conditioners and Portable Generators.

Pacific Northwest Under a "Heat Dome"

What exactly is a "heat dome"? It's essentially when high-pressure atmospheric conditions of sweltering heat parks over an area and traps the heat.

Here's an in-depth look by CBS News:

"A heat dome is a essentially a mountain of warm air built into a very wavy jet stream, with extreme undulations. When the jet stream — a band of strong wind in the upper levels of the atmosphere — becomes very wavy and elongated, pressure systems can pinch off and become stalled or stuck in places they typically would not be." 

We can't control the weather, but we can control the temperature in our homes. Portable air conditioning units (and especially a back-up portable generator, either solar or gas powered, in case of grid failures or rolling blackouts, which deliberately occur across California) are now essential items for all Western states, and with the issue of global warming, perhaps the entire country.

Use The Sunlight To Your Advantage

To look on the bright side, with all the sunlight that we're getting, that's a free source of power to be stored in our solar generators and solar panels to use to power our air conditioning units!

According to

"An early summer heatwave across the western United States broke all-time records in multiple states, with temperatures above 100 degrees Fahrenheit for days on end in some places. This event marked yet another climate extreme for residents of a region already suffering through a devastating drought and with memories of last year’s horrific wildfire season likely still fresh on people’s minds."

NPR on the Heatwave: Intense. Prolonged. Record-breaking. Unprecedented. Abnormal. Dangerous.

NPR reported that the temperature hit 104 F in Seattle (a city famous for rain and frosty temperatures), which is an all-time record, AND the first time Seattle has experienced two consecutive 100+ days since 1894 - the year that records started.

The New York Times has written:

"One of the hottest cities on the continent on Monday was Salem, Ore., about 45 miles southwest of Portland, where the high temperature reached 117 degrees Fahrenheit in the afternoon, a record for the city, the National Weather Service said.

At Portland International Airport, the high temperature was 112 degrees on Sunday and 115 degrees on Monday. The high on Monday was the hottest temperature recorded there since record-keeping began in 1940."

Now, we're not even talking about Las Vegas, Phoenix, or other areas in the Southwest are are used to degrees of 115 degrees - we are talking about Seattle and Portland, where much of the population does not routinely use or own air conditioning units. 

National Geographic has even more information on heat domes. 

Update: Record-breaking Pacific Northwest heat wave causes over 100 deaths in Oregon

From USAToday

"The late June heat wave that scorched the Pacific Northwest with triple-digit temperatures that broke records in multiple states is being blamed for more than 100 deaths in Oregon, according to the state's medical examiner office.

The ages of victims ranged from 37 to 97, and most were found in their homes without air conditioning or fans.

“This tragic event is almost certainly a glimpse into the future for Multnomah County, Oregon, the nation and the world,” Public Health Director Jessica Guernsey said in a news release. “The impacts of climate change with heat waves, severe winter weather, wildfires, floods, and other rippling effects are happening now and will happen with more frequency for the foreseeable future.”

Arm Yourself For The Next Heat Wave

And, the summer of 2021 has barely even started. Protect your family, your pets and yourself with a portable generator and a/c unit from our full supply. We'll ship to you ASAP.