Essential Items – Home Defibrillator

Essential Items – Home Defibrillator! By now, we’re sure that you are using our information to prepare yourself and your family for any disaster that comes your way – with (and especially without!) warning. Here’s an item that is really going to make your home a self-sufficient survival unit – a Home Defibrillator.

We can stock our pantries, cars, bug-out bags and garages with food and supplies, however, medical supplies are really an essential need (as well as the knowledge and training on how to properly use them) to make us totally self-reliant – especially when the Government services are too busy or otherwise unable to assist us.

This Philips HeartStart Home Defibrillator, available on Amazon, can save a life that has suffered a cardiac arrest, and in fact, offers all the training that we need to utilize it. Included is a video on proper use, and when in use, the Philips HeartStart walks us through proper implementation with easy to follow and clear voice commands, and adapts the further instructions based on our choices. It also administers daily self-tests, has a 4-year battery, and is essentially maintenance-free. Think of it as an insurance policy for saving the live of a loved one in need – hopefully you’ll never need it – but you will rest easy knowing it’s there if you do – until professional medical treatment can be utilized. Of course, we also encourage enrolling in a certificate-based first-aid course.

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