Essential Tools for Your Home!

You need these essential tools for your home! You might already have a few of these items – but you better make sure that you have duplicates of many, and stored in easy to find locations!

We’ve already gone over water storage and purification , as well as solar power and generators – so here are some equally necessary essentials that you’re going to need. Make sure you buy high quality – you don’t want these failing when your family member’s safety are on the line!

Knives – make sure you have high quality metal parts – no plastic or wood. Stainless steel is ideal.

Saw –  likewise with knives, avoid plastic or wood parts. A good folding saw is great to have, as well as bow saw with a tubular steel frame. Make sure to have extra blades as well.

Ax – go to our local store and see if you prefer the feel of a wooden or fiberglass handle. And, a sharpening stone is essential. Buy an extra handle if you go with wood. Make sure that the implement (same with a sledgehammer if you thing you will need one) isn’t so heavy that you can’t lift it.

Pistol – Rifle – Shotgun – Ammunition. Of course, these are going to be ideal – most of all for peace of mind. If you aren’t an experienced handler of these weapons, don’t even think about buying one without taking a proper safety course – and not just for you – for for anyone and everyone in your family. A locking safe is going to be essential too. You don’t want anyone being able to grab these.

 Hammer – Crobar – Screwdrivers – Nylon rope – Mulititools. We all have these, but make sure yours are in solid working order. Every car should have a multitool in reach of the driver and passengers when their seat belt is fully fastened (to make sure you can cut yourself free from your seat belt in an accident). 

Portable first-aid kits. For home and vehicles. You can get these from the Red Cross Store. You’ll want bandages, anti-bacterial ointments, aspirin, a first aid guide, Antiseptic cleansing wipes, and more. I’d even suggest having an Adult and Child CPR Mask with O2 inlet. For another and perhaps friendlier pain killer, a nice bottle of Bourbon or Tequila is many times very appropriate. In fact, I had a few stots last night to put myself to sleep after a nasty cold had me coughing until 3 am.


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