Ferguson – Civil Unrest!

Ferguson – Civil Unrest! We’re sure you’ve seen the news of last night and today regarding the mass protests due to the Grand Jury’s decision on the Ferguson killing incident – all across the country – from New York, to Beverly Hills, Oakland, and most severely in Ferguson itself.

Police cars overturned, stores looted, buildings burned. And although (we hope) that the most violent aspects have ended – how do we know for sure? What if this breaks out in our hometown? Are we prepared for an order to stay inside our homes from the National Guard? Do we have enough food, water, medical supplies, backup power, fire extinguishers, as well as devices to protect ourselves and our family members (guns!)???????

Living in Los Angeles, I remember the 1992 riots in the wake of the Rodney King police verdicts, when mass rioting and looting broke out – and what is an image I’ll never forget were pictures of shopkeepers on the roofs on their businesses in Koreatown armed with handguns, rifles, and shotguns, ready to defend their businesses and properties from the swarm of angry rioters – reminding me of scenes of the Battle of Stalingrad on the History Channel. Do you think that these individuals have since given up their means of urban survival and defending their lives and property? Not a chance. They’re ready. But – are you?

In the last 2 months, we’ve witnessed government intervention due to environmental hazards (ebola) and now due to the outcome of a legal decision regarding a killing which has ignited the flames and outrage of racism once again.  Will this ever stop? No way – the world and our country will always be a hotbed of smoldering racial anger and resentment. And illnesses and diseases will always loom in the horizon – just have a look at Healthmap – which shows the current state of spreading illnesses in the world.

What will be the next event that causes our community to go on quarantine or lockdown? It’s time to prepare!

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