Historic Measures to Rescue Europe From Deflation

FRANKFURT — The European Central Bank cut interest rates to record lows on Thursday, launched a series of measures to pump money into the sluggish euro zone economy, and pledged to do more if needed to fight off the risk of Japan-like deflation.

Central banks are about to reawaken the markets they had hypnotized into a slumber

Analysis: Mario Draghi’s split today from the united front gives investors more money-making opportunities — and more volatility. Read on

For the first time, the ECB will charge banks for parking funds at the central bank overnight in an attempt to force them to lend to small- and medium-sized businesses.

The measures were also aimed at easing pressure one the strong euro, which is threatening economic recovery and importing disinflation.

Is Europe entering the Deflation Danger Zone?

So if Europe starts to head into hyper-deflation, watch our below. It could be the start of a very nasty worldwide trend.

Why is deflation so dangerous? Will gold help you in a deflationary environment, not really, here’s why.

So what about Bitcoin? Will Bitcoin have a problem with deflation?





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