How Fast Is The Ebola Outbreak Growing?

How Fast Is The Ebola Outbreak Growing?  Well, President Obama has recently said that “It’s spreading and growing exponentially,” – and soon we could see well over 50,000 cases by the end of 2014 worldwide as cases are doubling every three to four weeks. And, consider that this current scare is the largest Ebola outbreak in history. Already, the government of Sierra Leone has put forth a temporary order for the country’s 6 million residents to stay in their homes – and Senegal has closed its borders with neighboring Guinea in an effort to thwart infected persons from traveling across borders and spreading the disease.

NPR recently posted this article of the predicted spreading of Ebola – and what is perhaps even more frightening, is that with each new case, and the subsequent difficulties of properly containing the infected, we are closer each week to have this illness in our local cities. And, add to this, a fact that a Liberian Doctor who contracted the disease, has died – although he had been given ZMapp – currently the drug of choice for treatment.

The U.S. announced it would begin the creation of more than a dozen medical centers in Liberia, and will send 3,000 troops to assisting the quarantine efforts – which has so far undermined the containment of the disease. Britain and France have also pledged to start building treatment centers in the effected regions of Sierra Leone and Guinea, and the World Bank and UNICEF have already sent over $1 million worth of medical and other survival supplies.

The World Health Organization has also written that cases could hit over 20,000 within six weeks if efforts to maintain it are not improved. Also, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has said that Liberia and Sierra Leone could see the increase in infected people to grow to 550,000 to 1.4 million cases by late January 2015!

And, this article from the Washington Post shows that due to the nature of Ebola (which can take almost a month to display its’ signs in some cases), one can easily fly around the world, seemingly healthy, while carrying the disease within them.

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