How Long Will The COVID-19 Lockdown Last?

We've all been this lockdown for 2 months now - and we have seen empty shelves in grocery stores, read about deaths, known people who have lost their jobs, and experienced for ourselves this historic grief and panic. Most of us have grown accustomed to these "new ways" of living amidst COVID-19 - but the question remains, how long will the COVID-19 lockdown last?

From a recent article on CNN:

"As of this weekend, more than 97% of Americans were under some sort of confinement guidelines, and most are complying. Nothing remotely like this has happened on such a large scale in American history." 

Do You Have an Emergency Food Supply at Home?

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The NY Times has stated:

"The Covid-19 pandemic can only be prevented from resurging when at least half the world’s population has become immune to the new virus. And that can happen in only one of two ways: After enough people have been infected and have recovered, or have been inoculated with a vaccine."

It looks like we have at least a few more months of this, and after that, a number of months of limited social interaction and open businesses - but only a proven and easily distrubutable vaccine will allow for things to open up to PP (pre-pandemic) conditions. 

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