How to Properly Store Water!

How to Properly Store Water!

We recommend having numerous options for your water storage supply. 20 gallons per person to store at home is ideal. Not only have backups for your home, but for all your family’s automobiles as well. There are many safe and easy solutions to your water storage needs – so there’s no reason to not be prepared wherever you are!


  • First, you will need a high quality container. Buy the strongest that you can find – one that will warp or split is not worth risking. Make sure it is made from BPA free material and is UV coated. You can buy large, FDA approved, 55 gallon polyethylene drums, and smaller containers are available from restaurant or swimming pool supply stores.


  • Age proof your water. There are a number of options for you: Use a Water Preserver concentrate to keep your water safe – this can keep your water safe for up to 5 years. Additionally, you can use 16 drops of unscented bleach for each gallon (1 teaspoon of bleach per every 4 gallons) of water to prevent the growth of bacteria – which will spoil your water. And, there are also portable UV water purifiers (made for recreational hikers as well as the military) which are a great addition to your arsenal. You will need to store water out of direct sunlight – which can increase the possibility of bacteria growth inside the container.

water storageChange water every 6 months if no preserver is utilized.

  • Placement of container. The best idea is to place wood boards beneath the container and the cement flooring – as cement can produce toxins than can manifest into your water. Find the proper placement of your container before you fill it with water – this way you can check for leaks, as well as add any water preserver if you choose to use it.

If you’re container is large, you may want to secure the container to a wall – as with a water heater. This will earthquake-proof your valuable water.

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