Hurricanes! Floods! Earthquakes!

There are so many worldwide natural disasters happening right now, I can't remember all their names: Harvey, Irma, Katia, Jose, etc., not including momentary earthquakes whose temporary visit doesn't garner them a name. CNN has reported on this devastation today with maps and videos. These natural disasters have stretched from Houston, to the Caribbean and to Guatemala City in Mexico (where over 30 people were killed, thousands left homeless with tremors felt as far away as Mexico City, with tsunami warnings in effect for western facing cities). And, as of September 8, over 50 have been killed in Texas from Hurricane Harvey, with thousands rendered homeless, and their personal possessions and homes destroyed or seriously flooded. 

Although these extreme cases of nature's rage seem different, they all bring the same result: destruction of property, and at worst, loss of life. The big question is, what can we do to stop it? Obviously, the best course of action is to not be in the wake of its path - however, in the case of an earthquake, we can't be forewarned of an arrival date. Hurricanes can be tracked, and their strength determined - allowing us a chance to leave.

Of course, you need insurance to cover your home (the biggest investment that we make in our lives) and personal possessions from floods, fires, and earthquakes. As my high school Business Law teacher used to say, "if you can't insure it, don't buy it". It's a small consolation, but a necessary one. Can you imagine losing your wordly possessions with zero insurance?

However - if you can't leave or don't have warning, what can you do? Best case would be to have a bunker, and an ample supply of food, water, power sources and safety items for yourself and your family. That's where Survival Gearhead can help - we carry all you need in our online store - food supplies for one day to months, power supplies, bug out bags, sleeping bags, flashlights, multi-tools, etc. Stay safe out there!