Krav Maga for Women!

Krav Maga for Women! Who ever gave you the idea that you can’t learn how to defend yourself? Well, these ladies don’t buy that – and neither should you. Here, you can see all these brave women over 50 learning the Israeli fighting tactics of Krav Maga.

This Israeli system of combatives – developed for real-life, non-sporting event situations, focuses on simple, instinctive, direct, interchangeable moves, borrowed from numerous traditional martial arts, drilled quickly under stress, while not demanding that the student memorize a multitude of historical techniques, as found is many traditional arts systems.

Stop thinking that you have to be able to do flying cartwheels, break blocks of ice with your forehead or deadlift 400 pounds to defend yourself – and the sooner that you get down to an official Krav training center to talk to an instructor and witness a class, the better. Here’s a list of qualified studios – and keep in mind that there are training dvd’s available (as well as on Youtube), so you can easily refresh your training, and pick up some new ideas to think about, and discuss with your instructor.

The great thing about learning these potential life-saving skills, is that you take them with you, wherever you go. And wherever you go, you will feel more in control, more confident and self assured than you were before.

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