Living in a War Zone!

We are Living in a War Zone! A War Zone, you say? I thought that was Gaza, or the remote mountains of Afghanistan? Well, it just takes a look through the front pages of pretty much any local internet news source on any given day of the week to see that wherever you are right now, it’s pretty much a war zone.

How about this from the news today? “Scott County boy fights off kidnapper with self-defense moves taught by father“. Was this innocent kid robbing someone, committing any other crime, or doing something unreasonably stupid? No – he was simply riding his bike home in rural Moline, Illinois USA. In other words, this could be Anytown, USA.

The reality is that these seeming small and isolated incidents (actually these are “life-changing incidents!) never make the large headlines (National or International news), especially with all the usual unrest and disasters that occur on a global scale.

How many times here on SGH have we emphasized the importance of knowing how to defend yourself? Keep reading the daily local news – you’re going to get daily reminders of incidents like these until you finally do something about it.


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