More News on Acid Attacks

It was only a few weeks ago that once again we heard (and blogged here) about this awful act - and the horrid fact that these are becoming commonplace in large international cities. Browsing through today's news, it appears to made made the rounds once again - and the fact that physicians are hoping that ordinary citizens such as you and I can administer a suitable line of first-aid until qualified medical personnel arrive on the scene. 

Apparently, pouring large amounts of water on the face of someone who has been the victim of having acid thrown on their skin can reduce the amount of harm done. A good reason to carry a bottle of water with you at all times. 

Also, lawmakers are pushing for making the possession and carrying of these disfiguring propellants illegal, which of course is a step in the right direction, as they can be bought now without any sort of license, and carried anywhere in a squeeze bottle.

We also have spoken previously about the importance of carrying a quick and easy facial covering (as well as glasses, whether you need them for their prescriptive qualities or not) to protect your face and eyes. We carry a full line of these supplies, which are, in today's day and age, rather essential - especially in light of what appears as a sadly and troubling common news item.