Ohio’s Water Crisis – is Your City Next?

Ohio’s Water Crisis – is Your City Next? There’s no doubt that you have heard about this alarming recent development – that of the toxins found in the water supply of Toledo, Ohio, and the subsequent suggestion by City officials for residents to not drink or use tap water, even if boiled. Added to that is the fact that many restaurants have closed, water shortages are in effect as far as 100 miles away, and some of the illness caused by utilizing the water are life threatening. Ohio Gov. John Kasich declared a state of emergency, and The Ohio National Guard was using water purification systems to produce drinkable water. Residents were often on daily scrambles to forage enough drinking and washing water for their families. Can you imagine having infants and having to deal with this crisis?

We have previously discussed how to properly store water here on SGH, and if this doesn’t convince to take that seriously, we’re not sure what will!

The toxins were caused in Lake Erie (which supplies water for 11 million residents) by blue-green algae, and one problem for the rest of us not living in Ohio is that there are currently no states that require testing for the toxin microcystin. These issues have also arisen in numerous parts of Texas. These blooms in algae growth leave the water looking like a spinach smoothie – and is about as good for you as drinking a glass of sewage.

Be prepared – this first thing you should do for your family is to maintain and properly store water for each menber of your family, including your pets.

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