Power Up Your iPhone

Power Up Your iPhone! Being that we spend an increasing amount of time every day sitting down and browsing through our iPhone apps or email accounts, one can only imagine how much we would rely on our smartphone in the case of a true emergency or quarantine. And, if power was out, how would we supply power to our little hand held computers and communication devices?

We’ve stressed the importance of generators to supply power to our homes – but what if we’re stranded away from home? One item that we always need to keep in our car is a charger for a mobile device – here’s a list of them from Amazon. They are inexpensive, easy to use, and make a great Holiday stocking-stuffer for your family members this Holiday season. And, like all emergency items, it’s easy to keep pushing them to the back-burner, that is, until we really need them.

Here is another device that is great to carry with you when on trips, at work, or even anywhere – and it’s a great addition to a Bug-Out Bag. It’s a Portable Battery Charger for Kindle, Android, iPhone 5 and USB devices, made by Moshi. It can charge 2 usb devices simultaneously, and of course does not need to be plugged in. This is a great way to charge your devices so you can be in contact with family members and/or friends and neighbors, as well as being able to access your internet news sources to keep informed.

What’s in your current Bug Out Bag? It’s time for you to put one together now! Here’s a step by step easy guide to get your family prepared.

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