Power your Phone & USB devices from Flowing Water in Rivers and Streams

Power your phone & USB devices from flowing water in rivers, streams, and faucets, and towed behind boats. How will you spin the ‘Bee? Hydrobee Founder Burt Hamner with Full-Scale Model

We are near the end of our campaign and we need your donations! We have invented new ways to spin the Hydrobee with wind, bicycles, even farm carts pulled by animals – more ways to create useful power.  We need your support to bring this to market!

There are over 700 million people who live without reliable electricity in developing countries and yet have mobile phones.  They spend over $20 billion a year buying phone charges from local vendors with car batteries. With your help, millions of people will be able to charge their phones with free energy from nature and have better lives.
If you don’t need a Hydrobee and are not interested in one of the rewards, please donate for those that need it the most. With your help we’ll finish the product and be able to partner with non-profits and microfinance institutions to get these in the hands of people across the globe. 

Watch Hydrobee founder Burt Hamner explain the origin and vision of Hydrobee onYoutube (5 minute video)


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