Preparing For A Flood!

Preparing For A Flood! You probably know if you live in an area that is prone to flooding. Having the knowledge is the first step but now it’s time to sit down with your family and put together a plan.  Remember all of the variables that there are to think about.

Flooding might occur while you family is all together at home.  In that instance you’ll want to be prepared to leave quickly.  Put together a flood evacuation route with your family members and practice that plan.  Part of your plan should include clearly posted emergency numbers by every phone.  Plan for what you will need and want to take with you and consider that your family as well as those things need to fit into your vehicle .

Make certain that everyone in your family knows how to turn off the electrical power to your home in the event that there may be standing water or fallen power lines.  You’ll want to turn the electrical power off before you evacuate your home in order to avoid the possibility of fire.  You should consider buying a fire extinguisher in case a fire breaks out prior to turning off the power and make sure that the entire family knows how to use it.

Once you’ve been able to determine where the projected flood elevation is in your home you should hire an electrician to raise electric components (switches, sockets, circuit breakers, wiring). A good rule of thumb would be to have them raised at least 12 ” above the projected flood elevation.


Of course you’re going to want to put together some emergency supplies.  A supply of water (enough for 3-5 days is wise), non-perishable food, a first aid kit, battery powered radio, flashlights, prescriptions medicines, personal hygiene supplies. Your car should also carry a similar emergency supply kit and it should include rubber boots and gloves.  Please don’t forget to include emergency supplies for your pets as well.

Contact your local authorities beforehand to find out where the closest shelters will be set up and as soon as you hear that an evacuation may be imminent then be certain that your car is filled with gas.  If you don’t have a car then make some evacuation arrangements with neighbors, friends or family for your transportation.  If you have pets then find out if the shelter you choose will take your pets or if you need to make other arrangements for them.

If you’re told to evacuate it’s important to do so.  You could be putting rescuers at risk if they have to come and get you at a later time when conditions become more perilous.

Remember that being well prepared is the most important thing that you can do for you and your family.

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