Record Heat, Power Failures and Rolling Blackouts

In a year of a historic pandemic, civil unrest and rioting, the threat of "murder hornets", and massive unemployment, the thought of a summer heatwave in the Western part of the USA doesn't seem too alarming. However, when the heatwave includes Record Heat, Power Failures and Rolling Blackouts, we have a serious and potentially life changing problem.

Record Heat in Los Angeles County

Woodland Hills, California, reached a high of 121 degrees last weekend, the hottest ever recorded in Los Angeles County. And, not only that, but due to the stress on the local power grid sources, there were many power failures due to overuse in the hottest parts of the San Fernando Valley, lasting days at a time. Additionally, the County imposed "Rolling Blackouts", where the power was deliberately shut off for certain areas - cutting power to 70,000 homes and businesses. 

So, if you're a resident here, where does that leave you? Other than being in a sweltering home, with no ability to use a fan or an a/c unit, and with a refrigerator filled with hundreds of dollars worth of expiring food (and no, the city will not reimburse you), you're probably in a terrible state of panic, having no idea how many days this will last. Not to mention if there are children or the elderly in your home.

If this isn't a perfect scenario for buying a gas or solar powered generator, nothing is. A gas unit can power your a/c units and refrigerator, and solar units are perfect for computers, televisions and cell phones. They allow you to be in control of having power in your home - and just having the essentials working can be all you need for safety and peace of mind. From a few hundred dollars to a few thousand, you can have all you need in terms of a reliable generator. It's really quite a bargain.

Generators are Perfect Insurance Policies.

Perhaps the best insurance policy is one you never have to use - but knowing it's there is peace of mind that you can't buy. Home Depot has only a short supply of units that they rent, so don't wait until disaster strikes - be prepared now. It's a good idea to rent a unit so you know how they work - but it's a better idea to also have your own in your garage or yard. 

Time Magazine has stated:

"Last year, when California’s utilities first began carrying out widespread blackouts like this, some homes and businesses were left in the dark for days. That drew outrage from state and local officials, triggered investigations and prompted PG&E to reassess the scope of future shutoffs."

You Need an Emergency Food Supply at Home.

Do you have enough food and medical supplies in your home, as well? a 72-hour supply for all family members and pets is ideal. Our emergency food from Wise Food Storage all have very long shelf lives (and are pretty tasty, too). We all remember just 6 months ago how the unprepared react in times of crisis when essential supplies run short - to not be one of them, the only thing we can do is to act now, and buy what we would want in our already in our home, right now. And then, you never have to think about it again.