Riots, Protests, Civil Unrest and Lockdowns

Just when we were getting used to the restrictions of life under the COVID-19 Pandemic, along comes a new tragedy - the police killing of George Floyd, as well as additional senseless killings of other African Americans, which have resulted in Riots, Protests, Civil Unrest and Lockdowns.

2020 has become the unofficial year of worldwide tragedies and upheaval. And long with the outrage of the public to the killings, more government imposed lockdowns were in order - here in Los Angeles, for 5-7 days.

The question is - if you were safe at home - what can you do if you needed food? Only emergency workers were allowed to be out. The restaurants in Los Angeles, which had just opened a day earlier, all closed once again.

The simple answer is, to have a supply of emergency food at home so you can at least get some proper nutrition until the panic is over, and the lockdown lifted. We have a full supply from USA made companies.

As a small business in the USA, we hope for peace and equality for all our citizens - and we hope that all senseless killings of Black Americans come to an end once and for all.