Safe From Ebola – is a Hazmat Suit Enough?

Safe from Ebola – is a Hazmat suit enough? Along with the depressing news that nurse Nina Pham, who was in contact with Thomas Duncan (who died of the ailment) at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, not only has contracted the disease and has been sent to an out of state hospital for treatment, but another alarming fact has come to light – that, according to a friend of hers, Nina was wearing a fully protective (so so we hoped) Hazmat suit. Of course, taking severe precautions is only going to be sufficient if done 100% of the time. Was this in fact performed?

If indeed this is the case, it shows that Ebola is at least a few steps ahead of us – in terms of not contracting the disease even when taking the most serious and state-of-the-art precautions. Donations for nurse Nina have been pouring in thanks to a donation web page already set up.

Also in the news today is the fact that a Liberian United Nations worker, who was hospitalized in Germany, has died. The question remains of course, that how were the hospital workers in Germany protected? Are the medical protocols different in Europe than the US? It seems that not even the so-called “experts” have an unwavering clue on the facts for keeping safe from Ebola. We must figure that is why the WHO has announced that up to 10,000 new cases are expected each week. And if the governments are lacking in not only protocols, but actual knowledge on WHICH protocols need to be instituted, we are all at great risk.

How does this effect our families here in the USA? Well as long as anyone here has had contact with the afflicted, we are all at risk. That’s why now more than ever, we need to stock up on supplies in case of a quarantine. Perhaps a Hazmat suit is not an outlandish consideration – a manufacturer, Lakeland Industries, has recently seen its stock soar due to fears.

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