Six Foods You Need to Have for Emergencies

Six Foods You Need to Have for Emergencies!One thing is sure about an emergency or disaster – you’re not going to have time to sit around and relax without any worries or cares. Unlike a night at home, you’re not going to be sitting on a couch with an economy sized bag of Fritos watching reruns of The Simpsons – we’ve got to eat for stamina and energy – and we won’t want foods that are going to weigh us down! We are probably going to be expending a lot of energy – and our diet from the foods we plan on storing must reflect that.


Now, these are all great to have, and best when combined with some pre-packaged MRE’s (meals-ready-to-eat) as used most frequently by the US military and adventure enthusiasts. I’d say it’s best to mix things up a bit and not get bored with what you have to eat – as that can surely be a daunting event to hate what you’re eating.

Look for individually packaged items, or buy in bulk and re-seal with a vacuum sealer as we’ve discussed previously. Here’s a list of foods to always have on hand in your pantry, garage or shelter:

  1. Water – have a number of weeks supply, stored properly as we’ve discussed. Always have resealable containers with you – you’re always going to want to stay hydrated.
  2. Peanut Butter – great for energy. Use on crackers or whole grain breads.
  3. Nuts, cereals, energy bars and dried fruits – great source of fiber and energy due to the natural sugars.
  4. Canned beans, chili and soups – Fiber and energy. Great quick meals.
  5. Canned tuna, chicken, turkey and salmon – you can have these right out of the can or on crackers or bread.
  6. Coffee – instant or make some fresh with pre-ground beans in a simple stovetop cappucino maker (can go right on a low fire). Forget about going to get that half-soy, half-decaf, half mocha with a non-dairy lo-fat whipped topping in a free trade paper cup. Your favorite barista will be making their own just as you will. Keep some powdered milk or canned skim milk for when you need to make some, unless you like it black.


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