The Superbugs Are Here!

The Superbugs Are Here! Well, we’ve had our recent bouts with Ebola, the Measles, and now this new “Superbug” which has apparently caused 2 deaths in the UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles.  The LA Times has indicated that up to 180 patients have been infected. The hospital has had to undergo an extensive decontamination process, including the disposal of a number of possible contaminated scopes which possibly transmitted the carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE) bacteria – which is resistant to almost all antibiotics and are more deadly than the more widely-known superbug MRSA – a nasty bacteria which I have personal experience with.  I had a swollen face that looked like I had entered into a Muay Thai tournament, and it took 4 days of IV fluids to bring me back to normal. And that’s coming from a guy who has NEVER been overnight in a hospital. Dr. Robert Daum, head of infectious diseases at the University of Chicago Children’s Hospital, calls the recent outbreaks of MRSA an “epidemic” – and this new CRE is supposed to be WORSE.



















When recently visiting my doctor with an awful virus, my doctor, who refused to give me any drugs, told me one reason why my health provider is so stingy when giving prescription drugs is that the rampant overuse of prescribed drugs is a cause for the growth of drug resistant bacteria – which then is incredibly hard to treat.

Now, the point here on SGH is to prepare you and your family to not only survive, but successfully stay away from these potentially life-ending “superbugs” by being fully prepared at home and in your car with the proper tools, skills, and knowledge in case of not only a government ordered quarantine, but also if you decide to stay in until an outbreak is properly treated by the appropriate authorities and hopefully subsides. In either scenario, you’re going to need an ample amount of useful supplies at home – from not only communications devices, food and water, but back-up power for your home in case you don’t want to venture out to a store full of people (some of whom who might be infected) to buy batteries or any other supplies.


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