The Yawara Stick!

We’ve emphasized the need for any and all survival skills here at SGH, and nothing is more important than learning at least the realistic basics of martial arts training. Hence, please see (and follow!) this facebook page on the Yawara Stick. It’s a small (4-6 inches) grooved metal device that is an excellent (and legal – but check your local laws) implement to repel an attacker (with proper training, of course), when used to poke, jab, or thrust onto sensitive areas of an attacker, allowing you ample time to make your escape. Similar to the Kubotan, the preferred method of carrying it is right on your keychain. These small and potentially lethal metal or hardwood implements are sound and substantial weapons in the right hands – and are modern versions of traditional weapons from Japanese and Filipino martial arts. Here’s a book on the uses for additional information – a nice reference to occasionally brush on once you’ve had proper hands-on training.

Now, I have always thought the keychain is a great place to carry it, as one is quite vulnerable when on the way to and from one’s auto, especially in a parking garage (otherwise known as a mugger’s playground – this is THEIR natural element). You ALWAYS want to have this in your hand when in these surroundings – and don’t forget that you ladies should change from heeled shoes to flats as well. Heels telegraph and announce your presence, and do not allow you to be stable enough to engage in defending your life.

Follow this page, watch the videos, and find a qualified martial arts instructor to teach you and your friends some of these basic moves. Not enough to boggle the mind, but enough simple and basic moves that you have options, should one of these life-changing events comes across your path. Someone is going to get assaulted today – make sure it’s not you!

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