Trapped Inside Your Car!

As often as we’re reading about riots, Government imposed curfews, and killer disease outbreaks, this is actually far more possible of happening to you on any day when you drive away from the city. And, it was on vacation, of all things. Just a simple drive in an SUV in Michigan, and due to heavy show, these two sisters became stranded in their car for two weeks (!!), due to a dead battery, and no cell phone connection was possible for bringing in any help, due to the remote location. Luckily, they had food in the car – as they rationed girl scout cookies and melted show for water.

How would you keep this from happening?

In remote areas where no communication can be made, you’ve got to take extra precautions. Even a dedicated cell phone charger is not going to get anyone on the phone – so you’ve got to have more safeguards than that. Here’s a short list for items you’ll need in your car – and keep in mind, this is not just for a trip, but even if you’re driving through a remote area on the way to another location.

A car battery charger – this will work if your battery is less than 4 years old.

A spare car battery – a great insurance policy to power your car. And, less than $150.

Tools and weapons – You’ll need a window-breaker to keep from being trapped in your car, a good multi-tool, and a knife, small ax, and shovel can’t hurt..

Gloves and Blankets – protect your hands if you have to change your battery in the cold.

Water and food – energy bars, nut mix, crackers, peanut butter, canned chili (with a pop-top lid).

Flashlights with new batteries – some new flashlights car be seen up to a mile away – what a great idea these are. Also these light sticks will save your battery use.

The easy part is that in one afternoon, without leaving your computer, you can spend between $200 and $300 and make sure that you and your family members are equipped to survive – when others can’t help them. Henry David Thoreau would be proud!

Or, other than piecing all the items together yourself, you can buy a pre-made Bug Out Bag.