These recent articles all point to the same conclusion ‘US needs oil wars to topple Middle East chessboard’.

In the first article on Global Oil Wars from Money and Markets, Dr Martin Weiss point out that: Nearly every pillar of American foreign policy is collapsing … the Obama White House is overwhelmed …  and the stage is set for the next phase: GLOBAL OIL WARS.

In the second Article, Ukraine is About Oil, so Was WW!Robert Freeman point out that Ukraine is a lot more portentous than it appears. It is fundamentally about the play for Persian Gulf oil. So was World War I. The danger lies in the chance of runaway escalation, just like World War I.

In the third article US needs oil wars to topple Middle East chessboard’ William Engdahl  award-winning geopolitical analyst and strategic risk consultant, points out that What’s increasing the oil output in the states is coming mainly from tight oil or shale oil, shale rock formations. The problem with it is that it is a little bit of the Wall Street hype and a bubble. It’s not according to expert geological analyses, it’s going to peak very quickly and start declining. By 2020 you are not going to be looking at the US as a new Saudi Arabia or a new Russia at the oil market by any means.

The trend is clear, the recent escalating world tensions are mostly about control of energy.

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