Vacuum Seal Your Food!

Do you want your fresh food to last? Vacuum seal your food! I have heard about religious zealots that encourage all the followers of their church to have ONE YEAR’s worth of food stored for use for their family. At first, I thought this was pretty extreme. But the more I began to think about it, I realized that it’s actually a really good idea! So, in order to figure out the structure and tools to get this done, so research had to be in order.

First off, you can’t just throw food straight from the grocery store into a refrigerator or cabinet and expect it to last for months – and it’s most likely a good thing that you don’t want to rely on canned food to sustain your family for however long the emergency (or recreational trip) ends (after those week long Cub Scout trips we took long ago, we were ready to kill our entire troupe if we were going to be served one more can of Beefaroni). And, even if there’s no emergency involved, having a nice supply of fresh food available is a great thing. In fact, being an avid fisherman, I know of many fellow fishermen, who often return from week-long fishing trips with hundreds of pounds of fish to keep in a freezer for the upcoming months. In fact, I was given a sealed bag of incredible tasting Halibut fillets, which I later found to be 4 months old. “Why do these taste so fresh?”, I asked my friend (who had moved up considerably on the friend list after such a great gift) – he looked at me as an obvious newbie and said “vacuum sealed – if how they all do it – from all the professional fishing landings from Alaska to Mexico”. If this guy was going to trust thousands of dollars worth of fish to this technology, he’s got to be right – and a taste of that fish proved it – it tasted as if I had just bought it some a fresh fish market that afternoon.

So there you have it – if this fish was so good after months of storage, vacuum sealing had to be the way. I know from personal experience that freezer burn is the ruin of many things of which I’ve paid top dollar, only to find that it is inedible due to freezer burn, or tastes like the inside of the freezer itself – reason being that just putting fresh food in a conventional storage bag traps air inside the bag, which is the enemy of food storage. So in a nutshell, a vacuum sealer takes out all the air – something you can’t do without a device especially designed. So then, how to you vacuum seal your food and what do you need? Well, the good news is that a vacuum sealer can be found for less than $100 at most big stores (Walmart and Amazon), with a bit more from the specialty shops such as Williams Sonoma – as well as rolls of replacement bags. Using them is easy – and you’ll reap the benefits day in and day out – regardless of any emergencies!

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