Video – 45 Great Survival Tips!

Here’s a Video of 45 Great Survival Tips!  Don’t you just love the Brits? That accent and air of indifference let’s us Yanks know that we are just borrowing their language. But I guess they’ve got a right to be arrogant; they make some pretty good music. AND, they know a thing or two about surviving in the wild. Watch this video and take note.

How to start a fire – what to carry in your bug out bag – how to purify water – how to use a poncho to create a makeshift tent or collect water – how to create a quick fishing kit – how to avoid infection – how and where to prepare food – where to make a campsite – why to carry cigarettes (even if you don’t smoke) – why to avoid sweating when hiking in cold weather – how to repair a blister – how to make SOS and international distress signals – why to bring tin foil – and more!

And, best yet, you can pack it all up in a guitar case (as a handy bug out bag) that you strap on your back – which will give you an air of youthfulness and add to your street cred.

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