What is a Solar Storm?

I recently read this article on, and it answered the question of "What is a Solar Storm?"

As you will read, the sun had its biggest flare in 3 years on November 29, 2020.

"The solar flare, which is a sudden, bright explosion of electromagnetic energy, measured as an M4.4 on the scale astronomers use for sun storms. M-class flares are medium-sized eruptions (compared to small C-class flares and large X-class flares) and rank on a scale from 1 to 9, with larger numbers representing stronger flares."

However odd or unlikely this sounds, the solar storm caused a shortwave radio blackout over the Southern Atlantic ocean. This recent flare, an M-Class event, could actually have been an X-Class storm, the only factor lessening the power was that that it took place on the other side of the Sun. An X-Class solar storm could cause serious havoc on Earth, as depicted in the recent British television series "Cobra".

If you saw the interesting series, it depicts the loss of power across England, and the lack of government-available generator backup power to fully equip the population. As such, society quickly becomes a lawless, hopeless, and dangerous landscape. has this to say:

"Effects would likely be localised rather than across the whole country, with regions affected in a similar way to how they might be in a terrestrial storm which can knock out power lines and leave small areas without power. The ESO could simply divert electricity to re-energise the system."

Of course, the similarities in this scenario to the one we're experiencing worldwide with the COVID-19 pandemic is rather eerie - different causes, with the same result - panic, unrest, anger, unruly mods, no necessities available outside to purchase to live on. The question remains: how well equipped are you to deal with an extreme situation like this? 

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