How Important is Self Defense?

After reading this story today in the news, you see how that even in the "information age", people still have remained quite primitive - with this tale of a martial arts practitioner beating a weightlifter to death.

In my 25+ years of martial arts study, the one thing I have learned is that you can't change someone else's actions - other than preparing yourself for all possible outcomes.

News items like this should let ordinary citizens like us realize that there are nuts out there who either want to bring us harm or defeat us in a manner of "fun". Either way, we need to have the skills, training and hardware to make sure that we can survive.

No matter what your size, gender, physical size or demeanor may be, there are many ways to get prepared - by taking a person to person martial arts class, getting fit, developing some good common sense on what types of situations/places to avoid, and carrying an item that can help you keep from becoming a statistic. We have a line of items that we're sure can be of benefit to you for your personal safety!