On The Brink of World War III?

With all the bluster from President Trump and North Korea leaders regarding possible military strikes, are we to believe that war is a possibility, or is this mere saber rattling? Or are we really On The Brink of World War III?

As we can read in this CNN article, President Trump seems to have all systems ready in case an aggressive action from North Korea takes place. As citizens in the crosshairs, should we prepare as well? Do our homes and cars have enough food, water, power, protection, and communications on a sustainable basis? I don't think most of us could answer "yes" to those questions. But wouldn't an affirmative response make you feel better - and smarter?

Although the initial target of North Korean aggression appears to be Guam, North Korea has let it be known that major cities in the mainland United States are viable targets as well - and residents of Guam have been given emergency informational pamphlets on what to do if/when a nuclear blast occurs. 

China, in a wise move, has urged both countries to "simmer down". Will this parental advice be considered? Let's hope so - however, we must always be prepared. Time to stock up on your supplies that we have carefully picked out for you and become self sufficient - if you aren't already - this warning should finally convince us.