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Biohacking – DIY Smart Drugs Invade Silicon Valley! If you are not aware of what Biohacking is all about, this video is a great introduction to the topic. And, if you grew up watching episodes of Dragnet and snickered whenever Sgt. Friday went off on one of his anti-drug tangents, you can now feel a righteous revenge. “Better living through Chemistry” is not only for what was perceived as the underside of the barrel of society, but the top of the barrel as well, as you will witness in this fascinating video. Mr. Natural is alive and well, and not panhandling on Telegraph Avenue – he’s  a CEO with multiple residences who can raise his IQ at will with his own home brews. As Alvin Toffler has written in “Power Shift”, knowledge is the supreme power of today (eclipsing both violence and wealth as the supreme powers of centuries ago), and if you can control and increase your own knowledge, you are far better equipped not only to thrive, but to survive.
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