Bitcoin Paper Wallet (Includes 0.01 Bitcoin)

Bitcoin Paper Wallet (Includes 0.01 Bitcoin)

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Brand: Edmonton Bitcoin Exchange


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Details: This Bitcoin Paper Wallet contains the two things required to support your Bitcoin - An Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (Commonly known as ECDSA, a secure Encryption algorithm) Private Key generated under 2^262-1 and a subsequently calculated Base58 encoded Public Key formatted to work on the Bitcoin Network. This is everything you need to start storing your very own Bitcoin. To prove it is in new, working condition we always send 0.01 Bitcoin into the associated Public Key where it remains. The wallet is printed on very thick 8.5x11 legal sized stock and contains high contrast colors with Inkjet Ink which will last over 40 years if kept out of sunlight. This offline code is often referred to as "Cold Storage" and will be able to keep your Bitcoins on the Bitcoin Network.