CEEK VR Headset Goggles | 3-Month CEEK VR Experiences Subscription | Gold

CEEK VR Headset Goggles | 3-Month CEEK VR Experiences Subscription | Gold

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Brand: Ceek Virtual Reality


  • THE 360° CEEK EXPERIENCE — Become fully immersed in the heart of video games, on-demand concerts, movies, and more from anywhere with the CEEK VR Headset through the CEEK App. A code with a free 3-month subscription to CEEK VR Experiences is included with your purchase
  • FOR SMARTPHONES & ALL VR APPS — Use apps such as YouTube 360 Videos and iOS and Android devices, between 5 and 6.5 inches. Apple iPhones, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Huawei, Motorola, or HTC smartphones
  • ALL-AROUND COMFORT — The lightweight design is spacious enough for users with glasses and is adjustable with padded head straps for optimal comfort
  • ADJUST VISUAL QUALITY — Adjust eye distance and visual focus on the exterior of the headset for sharper visual quality and personalized viewing experiences
  • VERSATILE BLUETOOTH CONTROLLER — An optional wireless virtual reality remote is compatible with most smartphones, TV boxes, Smart TV, PC, and Mac and can be used as a wireless PC mouse, music controller, e-book reader, or TV remote

Details: Explore the world of virtual reality with your CEEK VR Headset anywhere you go. Simply put your smartphone into the headset and adjust focus for custom quality. Watch 360-degree virtual reality YouTube videos, VR games, and more on smartphones between 5 and 6.5 inches. The padded head straps and lightweight design provide optimal comfort and can be adjusted to fit kids, adults, and users of all ages! Pair with the CEEK 360 Wireless Headphones to take your VR experience to the next level. FREE 3-MONTH ACCESS TO CEEK VR EXPERIENCES — Enjoy exclusive premium concerts, movies, games (in App stores), and other exciting experiences in massive VR Venues by using the code included in your purchase. PLEASE NOTE: For health and safety, we advise taking breaks from wearing the headset every 30 minutes. TIPS FOR THE BEST VIRTUAL REALITY EXPERIENCE ANYWHERE Before watching 360° YouTube videos, turn the brightness on your smartphone screen up and change the video quality setting to upwards of 1080p. Turn banner notifications or pop-up windows off during VR experiences to stay immersed in the world. Use the CEEK remote to pause or play videos, games, and more without removing your phone from the headset. Sit or stand depending on the content of your video.

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