CoolWallet S Wireless Bitcoin Wallet

CoolWallet S Wireless Bitcoin Wallet

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Brand: CoolWallet

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  • Keep your cryptocurrency in cold storage with the CoolWallet S wireless Bluetooth hardware wallet.
  • Combines the security of a hardware wallet with the convenience of a software wallet.
  • Secure: US Military grade CC EAL5+ Secure Element (SE) chip and encrypted Bluetooth connection (AES256). Multi-step verification required for all transactions which includes Face/Touch ID, passcode, physical confirmation and more.
  • Convenient: Supports most major cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, LTX, XRP, ZEN, BCH, etc) and all ERC20 tokens. Crypto to crypto and fiat to crypto exchange all available in-app. BitPay is also fully integrated within CoolWallet S.
  • Portable: Same size as a credit card. Completely wireless and computer connection not required. Supports iOS and Android devices.

Binding: Wireless Phone Accessory

Details: CoolWallet S – the World's Only Mobile Hardware Wallet Compatibility with iOS and Android devices You are no longer required to sit in front of a laptop, followed by a long list of procedures in order to safely access the blockchain with your assets. Supporting both the iOS and Android devices, CoolBitX’s CoolWallet S is all that you need to have quick and safe access to your coins/tokens. Wireless Bluetooth Transactions 100% wireless via AES256 encrypted Bluetooth technology. CoolWallet S is the first Bluetooth wallet that raises the standards and expectations of hardware wallets – utmost accuracy, security, and quickest transfer available on the market. Absolute Security The CoolWallet S is fortified by a common criteria EAL5+ certified secure element microchip - the top security component on the market today. The Bluetooth signal is encrypted with multiple layers of one-way hash functions using the AES256 encryption standard. This encryption cannot be decrypted. The CoolWallet S can only work with your phone along with your unique fingerprint or Face ID (when using iOS devices). Therefore, you do not have to worry about the safety of your assets in a situation where your wallet is lost or stolen. The CoolWallet S cannot be cut opened or reprogrammed – attempt to cut open or break the wallet will result in complete destruction of the product. Additional Cool Features Step-by-step instructions, user-friendly wallet setup Waterproof, impact-resistant, bendable

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Package Dimensions: 4.6 x 3.3 x 0.8 inches